Thursday, December 3, 2015

How to Boost Your Immune System in the Throes of Winter

How to Boost Your Immune System in the Throes of WinterWinter is a fun and beautiful time to enjoy. So don’t let germs and virus steel the joy away from you and your family. If you’re ready to resist pesky sickness and boost your immune system to super strength, you’re going to love these quick healthy tips! 

Be Active!
Nothing boost the immune system like staying active. Get outside and go for a run! Hike. Swim indoors or do some yoga. The point is, keep moving. Remind your body of it's power.

Fire Tea!
This one’s simple, delicious and comes with many benefits on top of keeping you warm. Just pour yourself a mug of hot (not boiling) water. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into it. Add honey or stevia to taste. Then add cayenne pepper. How much you add is up to you, but you do want to be able to taste it. The combination will not only boost your immune system but will also help you stay warm, thanks to the cayenne increasing circulation all over your body.

Warm Feet!
Here’s a really easy one. Did you know that cayenne works on the skin too? Just grab your socks and carefully sprinkle it into the toe and foot part of your sock. The powdered pepper will be absorbed into your feet through your pores and keep your feet warm. Be warned, don’t put it in your gloves. You don’t want the pepper going from your fingers to your eyes. OUCH.

Sweat is Good!
Bring the heat in through your shower. Run a hot steamy shower and seal up the bathroom to keep in the heat. Then add a few sprays of a Eucalyptus Shower Mist into your shower. The Eucalyptus will help boost circulation (keeping your muscles warm internally), cleanse your respiratory system and if you go with the Eucamint, the mint will leave you extra invigorated and boost your energy.

Stay Warm!
Wear more layers. Yes, it’s that simple. Invest in a thin yet warm set of under layers to wear under your normal clothes. Then, lower the heat in your home. Keeping the heat to high adds too much contrast to your body temperature and stresses the immune system. Teach your body to acclimate rather that constantly be faced with shock.

Clean and Toxin Free!
Toxins in the air and in the home, enter our bodies through our pores and in through our lungs. To keep a strong immune system and fight the germs and viruses, keep toxins away from you and your family.  This means staying away from toxic air fresheners, bleach and other harsh chemicals as you keep your house clean, fresh and germ free. Make sure to open the doors and windows each day, even for ten minutes, to kick the stagnant air out and welcome the fresh air in.
Keeping the immune system strong in the winter isn’t as hard as you think. With the right nourishment, protection and non-toxic cleaning, your winter can be a healthy one.

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