Sunday, December 20, 2015

What To Do When the Inevitable Spills Happen During Your Holiday Party:

What To Do When the Inevitable Spills Happen During Your Holiday Party:When you’re in holiday party mode, you won’t likely be thinking about being careful with your food and drinks. This means, spills will happen and you should be prepared for them.

We recommend making a ‘spills preparedness’ box full of the products you need for a quick and easy clean as well as a little note card with instructions on how to best use them.
What should go into your spills box? Simple. Always go with organic based products and ones with a good standing. We’ll share ours with you today because we stand behind their quality, performance and reputation. But you decide what’s best for you!

We suggest starting with Bayes Fabric Protectant as a preventative step. It’s safe to use indoors, yet provides maximum protection under extreme outdoor conditions and contains a special advanced polymer designed to repel both oil and water-borne stains from fabric. This is important in household environments where both water-borne stains (fruit juice, wine, soft drinks) and oil-borne stains (margarine, mayonnaise, ice cream) are present. Commonly used silicone based repellents are effective only against water-borne stains.

As far as building your box, the first few things you’ll want to include in it are things like a spray bottle with just water, in case water is called for. Next, you’ll want a terri cloth, 2 cotton towels for wet and drying needs and sponge.

Next, is you’ll want to have a bottle of The Wine Stomper Red Wine Stain Remover. It quickly removes red wine, juice, blood, and other dark stains from clothing, table linen, carpets and upholstery. Packaged in a handy spray bottle for instant use wherever spills occur. Simply spray soiled area, wait a few minutes, and blot clean.

Lastly, be sure to include our Bayes All Purpose Cleaning Solution for all your cleaning needs, from countertops to fixtures (because messes can show up in the most random places! It’s an earth-friendly formula that makes an easy clean for the dirtiest of household surfaces. Cleans and shines glass, chrome, tile work, wall, countertops and more. Will not harm natural stone, stainless steel, or enamel. Ph neutral and safe for use on food preparation surfaces.

At Bayes, we pride ourselves on our commitment to taking care of the environment as well as your own health. This shouldn’t change with the seasons or need. So please, celebrate, party and rejoice…. and let Bayes handle the dirty work!

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