Monday, November 30, 2015

The Truth Behind Organic Cleaners and What To Do About It.

The Truth Behind Organic Cleaners and What To Do About It.Wanting safe ingredients to clean with in your home shouldn’t be such a big thing to ask. After all, you have the right to know that your children’s skin and lungs are safe as well as your own. But many cleaning companies don’t think that’s very important. They’re bigger goal is to sell more and care less. Well we are looking to put products that you can trust into your home, at a price you can afford and that performs at it’s best.
Green cleaning is defined as the process by which organic products—which are those made with ingredients that are not harmful to humans or the environment—are used to clean the home, office, or other areas.  There has been a recent spike of interest lately in organic living, causing the commitment to “green cleaning” to dramatically increase in popularity. In fact, some experts suggest that up to half of the US population use some form of green cleaning technology on a regular basis.
And it’s no wonder. Why would you choose dangerous and toxic chemicals over safe and natural ones that get the job done just as well and for the same price?
Here’s Why: The benefits associated with green cleaning are numerous and varied. Specifically, green cleaning products have been found not only to be safe for individuals who use them on a daily basis, but also for the environment in which they are often released. In addition, green cleaning products can often be a cost-effective alternative to more expensive, traditional products. Finally, unlike some other products, green cleaning items are often multi-purpose, and can be used for a number of functions around the home or office.
Even More: Just as there are a number of benefits associated with the use of organic cleaning agents, there are several risks linked to those which are not organic. For example, a significant amount of clinical research has found that the use of non-organic chemicals can lead to dramatic increases in the instances of cancer in both men and women in the United States. In addition, the use of these products can also increase the rates of allergic reactions and decrease immunity to these antigens.
Despite popular myth, organic cleaners are actually quite affordable. This is especially true for multi-purpose cleaners, which may serve two functions simultaneously. Organic cleaning products are also even easier to find these days and the choices can remain daunting.
To make it even better, we’ve made it that much simpler by providing an extensive line of organic cleaning supplies made with only the best ingredients. Our featured item - one that has no real competitor - is our organic granite counter top cleaner! With natural conditioning agents, our cleaner will not only clean but restore and protect your beautiful granite counter tops!

Bayes is committed to the health of your home, your health and the earth. Don’t use less than the best. Bayes has made it easy. Contact us today to find out more!

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