Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Are You About to Clean Up Your Holiday Messes With Chemicals Toxic to Your Health?

Are You About to Clean Up Your Holiday Messes With Chemicals Toxic to Your Health?The holidays are here and as fun as they promise to be, there’s likely to be a big mess that follows. But not only do you want to be spending quality time with your family, you don’t want to waste it scrubbing spills and buildup while breathing in harsh and toxic chemicals.
You may not know it but there are many dangerous poisons lurking in some of your most commonly used household items. In America, we consume so many products without ever knowing what the real ingredients are.
Below, is a quick list of the most common places you’ll find toxic ingredients. Then at the end, we’ll share with you some better, safer and much healthier options that you can use in confidence.

Room Air Fresheners

I never allow artificial air fresheners in my home. Anything you breathe in eventually ends up in your bloodstream. Plug-in scents or synthetically scented candles many contain chemicals called phthalates, which have been linked to reproductive problems. Instead, choose candles made with essential oils and fresh flowers to scent your home. Also,  try using baking soda and white vinegar as odor absorbers.

Perfumes and Fragrances

The one-word ingredient “perfume” can translate to a product containing upwards of 300 chemical ingredients. (Perfume companies won’t release lists of exact ingredients for fear of divulging secrets to their competitors.) Avoid perfumes and colognes or switch to products that are scented with natural oils.

Fabric and Upholstery Sprays

Stain blockers essentially create an invisible plastic barrier over your furniture. This plastic will eventually wear off and be released into your home environment. Instead, simply clean stains as necessary rather than trying to prevent them.

Kitchen Cleaning products

Check the labels of cleaning products for chemical ingredients such as phthalates and chemical surfactants. These ingredients are not only dangerous to your home, but to your skin and lungs too!

Bayes products are organic and 100% eco-friendly and work not only just as well, but far better and without coating your home in toxins. Be sure to check out our website for our full product line. You deserve to have the best and that's what Bayes is known for!
The only way we can keep ourselves safe, is to keep ourselves educated. So don’t clean up your holiday messes with toxic ingredients; choose the organic, health friendly option with Bayes!

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